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Long Haul Trucking

Long haul trucking, also known as over the road or OTR trucking, is an industry in which trucks travel long distances, often over many states and even into Mexico or Canada. As such, it’s essential for truck drivers to have knowledge of driving laws and cargo handling regulations. In addition, fuel costs are increasing, making it difficult for truckers to stay within a budget.

Long haul truck drivers typically drive 120,000 to 130,000 miles each year. During these trips, long haul truckers spend weeks at a time on the road. Drivers spend the nights in their trucks and rest periods are spent at truck stops. Unlike short-haul truckers, long-haul truckers usually make only one or two stops each day.

In order to drive long distances, long-haul truck drivers must complete a training program. Upon passing the tests, they can start driving in a truck. They must also take regular breaks. According to the US Department of Transportation, long-haul truck drivers must take at least eight hours of rest between each long trip. Generally, long-haul truck drivers are union members and earn based on their experience and number of miles driven. In addition, their pay depends on the type of truck they drive. Drivers who haul flammable materials are paid more than those who drive other types of trucks.

As automation grows in the trucking industry, the number of drivers is likely to decrease. Long haul trucking has experienced high turnover rates over the past few years, and many new truck operators last less than a year. Drivers are also often encouraged to work as independent contractors to keep costs low. However, as automation continues to increase, long haul trucking may be forced to raise wages.

Long haul trucking requires many long hours of driving and is often a long distance from home. It is also a demanding career that requires truckers to be familiar with different state and national regulations. There are several benefits to long haul trucking, but there are also risks and challenges. You will need to have a healthy sense of adventure and the ability to adapt to new environments.

Long haul truckers are often away from home for weeks or months at a time. They are unable to spend time with family and friends, and they may miss special occasions. As a result, it can be difficult to balance work and life. In many ways, long haul trucking is a tougher job than short haul trucking.

OTR truck drivers have to meet strict hours of service regulations in order to prevent fatigue. The regulations govern how long truckers are allowed to drive and how long they need to rest between trips. This is to prevent accidents and keep drivers safe. Truck drivers must log their hours of service using an electronic logging device. These logs will also record the condition of their truck.

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